Playliste zur 63. Vinylnight vom 05.06.2011

Informationen zu den Vinylnight-Sendungen.
Einige Playlisten sind hier nachzulesen.
Die Reihe "Vinylnight" wurde ab Februar 2015 eingestellt.
Auf werden seit September 2017 alle Sendungen ab Vinylnight 1 wiederholt.
Sendezeiten: Nacht von Freitag auf Sonnabend 00:00 Uhr und am Montag ab 10:00 Uhr !

Playliste zur 63. Vinylnight vom 05.06.2011

Beitragvon Rainer am Mo Jun 06, 2011 6:49 am

Moin aus Riede,

hier ist die Playliste zur 63. Vinylnight vom 05. Juni 2011:

Gene Pitney: ( I Wanna ) Love My Life Away
Gene Pitney: Hello Mary Lou
Gene Pitney: I'd Like To See Me Stop You
Gene Pitney: If I Only Had Time
Gene Pitney: I'll Find You
Gene Pitney: She's A Rebel
Gene Pitney: Tremblin'
Gene Pitney: Bleibe Bei Mir( A Town Without Pity )
Ersel Hickey: Don't Be Afraid of Love
Ersel Hickey: Bluebirds Over the Mountain
Ersel Hickey: Goin' Down That Road
Ersel Hickey: Hangin' Around
Ersel Hickey: Lover's Land
Ersel Hickey: Teardrops At Dawn
Ersel Hickey: You Never Can Tell
Ersel Hickey: You Threw a Dart
Ronnie Hawkins: Forty Days
Ronnie Hawkins: Baby Jean
Ronnie Hawkins: Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Ronnie Hawkins: Mary Lou
Ronnie Hawkins: Need Your Lovin'
Ronnie Hawkins: Odessa
Ronnie Hawkins: One Of These Days
Ronnie Hawkins: Ruby Baby
Ronnie Hawkins: Wild Little Willy
Ronnie Hawkins: C-Riff Rock
Micke Muster: The Killer Still Rocks On
Boppin' Steve & The Playtones: Rock'N'Roll Fool
Tom Powder: A Swedish Boy Dont Cry
Tom Powder: Hey Baby
Tom Powder: Raise The Flag
Tom Powder: Tongue Tied Jill
Tom Powder: I've Done My Time
Jack Baymoore & The Bandits: Pink Dress
Jack Baymoore & The Bandits: Jo-Anne
Jack Baymoore & The Bandits: Baby Sue
Jack Baymoore & The Bandits: Move On
Jack Baymoore & The Bandits: Peggy Lee
Jack Baymoore & The Bandits: Bankrobbin' R&R
Karen Lee Carol: Come On Over
Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys: He's Gonna Be My Boy
Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys: Buddy I Got You
Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys: Shake This Shack
Charlie Thompson: Eanie Meanie Baby
Charlie Thompson: Indian Joe
Charlie Thompson: Hang Loose
Charlie Thompson: Judy
Charlie Thompson: Slip, Slip, Slippin' In
Bob Roberts & The Fleetliners: Don't You Know
The Houserockers: Movie Star
The Houserockers: Trouble in Mind
The Houserockers: Twist On Guitar
Boppin' Steve & The Playtones: Honey Babe
Boppin' Steve & The Playtones: Bop & Stroll
Boppin' Steve & The Playtones: I'm On Fire
Boppin' Steve & The Playtones: Cindy Lou
Boppin' Steve & The Playtones: Dumb Dumb Bunny
Boppin' Steve & The Playtones: The Devil Or The Deep Blue Sea
Kenneth Swanström: Kenneth's Boogie
Kenneth Swanström: Let The Good Times Roll
Kenneth Swanström: Rockin' Daddy
Kenneth Swanström: Piano Nellie
Micke Muster:Chills & Fever
Micke Muster:Matchbox
Micke Muster:Kisses Of Fire
Micke Muster: Hey Rosalie ( Studio Party )
Micke Muster:Wild One
Micke Muster:I Got A Woman
Micke Muster:What'd I Say

Rock'n'Roll ist erste Bürgerpflicht !
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Re: Playliste zur 63. Vinylnight vom 05.06.2011

Beitragvon Werner Thal am Mo Jun 06, 2011 8:26 am

Ergänzung der Playliste vom 05.06.06. 2011:

01.Gene Pitney - ( I Wanna ) Love My Life Away (iss. 1/1961) MUSICOR 1002
02.Gene Pitney - Hello Mary Lou (iss. 1961) MUSICOR-LP MM 2001 (mono)
"The Many Sides Of Gene Pitney"
03.George Jones & Gene Pitney - I´d Like To See Me Stop You (iss. 11/1994)
BEAR FAMILY BCD 15 790 "George Jones & Gene Pitney"
04.Gene Pitney - If I Only Had Time (iss. 1968) MUSICOR-LP MS 2164 (mono)
05.Gene Pitney - I´ll Find You (iss. 1960) BLAZE 45-25 002
06.Gene Pitney - She´s A Rebel (iss. 5/1968) MUSICOR 1306
(iss. 1968) MUSICOR-LP MM 2164 "She´s A Heartbreaker"
07.Gene Pitney - Tremblin´(iss. 4/1967) MUSICOR 1245
08.Gene Pitney - Bleibe Bei Mir ( A Town Without Pity ) (iss. 6/1994)
BEAR FAMILY BCD 15 724 "Hits & Misses"
09.Ersel Hickey - Don´t Be Afraid Of Love (rec. 12.3.1958; iss. 4/1959) EPIC 5-9309
10.Ersel Hickey - Blubirds Over The Mountain (rec. 1.11.1957; iss. 2/1958) EPIC 5-92 63
11.Ersel Hickey - Goin´ Down That Road (rec. 20.5.1958; iss. 7/1958) EPIC 5-9278
12.Ersel Hickey - Hangin´ Around (rec. 12.3.1958; iss. 4/1959) EPIC 5-9309
13.Ersel Hickey - Lover´s Land (rec. 20.5.1958; iss. 7/1958) EPIC 5-9278
14.Ersel Hickey - Teardrops At Dawn (rec. 7.12.1960; iss. 2/1961) KAPP K-372X
15.Ersel Hickey - You Never Can Tell (rec. 10/1958; iss. 11/1958) EPIC 5-9298
16.Ersel Hickey - You Threw A Dart (rec. 12.3.1958; iss. 4/1959) EPIC 5-9309
17.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - Forty Days (rec. 13.4.1959; iss. 5/1959) ROULETTE R-4154
(at all recordings on drums Mark Levon Helm; pno Will ´Pop´Jones)
18.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - Baby Jean (rec. 26.10.1959; iss. 2/1960) ROULETTE R-LP SR 25 102
"Mr. Dynamo"
19.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - Dizzy Miss Lizzy (rec. 29.4.1959; iss. 8/1959) ROULETTE-LP SR 12 078
20.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - Mary Lou (rec. 29.4.1959; iss. 8/1959) ROULETTE R-4177 A-Side
21.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - Need Your Lovin´ (rec. 29.4.1959) ROULETTE R-4177 B-Side
22.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - Odessa (rec. 29.4.1959; iss. 8/1959) ROULETTE-LP SR 25 078
(tensax Sam Taylor
23.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - One Of These Days (rec. 13.4.1959; iss. 5/1959) ROULETTE R-4154
24.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - Ruby Baby (rec. 13.4.1959; iss. 8/1959) ROULETTE-LP SR 25 078
25.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - Wild Little Willie (rec. 29.4.1959; iss. 8/1959) ROULETTE-LP SR 25 078
26.Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - C-Riff Rock (Instr.) (rec. 16.9.1959; iss. 11/1994) SEQUEL-CD NED 266/1
"The Roulette Years"
27.Micke Muster - The Killer Still Rocks On OLD ROCK ORR-CD 2002
28.Boppin´Steve & The Playtones - Rock ´N´ Roll Fool TAIL TRCD 124
Tom Powder - TAIL TRCD 110 "The Amarillo Killer":
29.A Swisish Boy Don´t Cry
30.Hey Baby
31.Raise To Flag
32.Tongue Tide Jill
33.I´ve Done My Time
34.Jack Baymoore & The Bandits - Pink Dress TAIL TRCD 118 "VA Solid Tail Wailers"
35.Jack Baymoore & The Bandits - Jo-Anne TAIL-LP/TRCD "Big Boys Rock"
36.Jack Baymoore & The Bandits - Baby Sue TAIL-LP "Roarin´ Down The Track!"
37.Jack Baymoore & The Bandits - Move On TAIL TRCD 120
38.Jack Baymoore & The Bandits - Peggy Lee TAIL TRCD 120
39.Jack Baymoore & The Bandits - Bankrobbin´ R & R PART-CD 650 003
"VA 2009 Walldorf Rock & Roll"
40.Karen Lee Carol - Come On Over
41.Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys - He´s Gonna Be My Boy TAIL TRCD 119
42.Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys - Buddy i Got You
43.Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys - Shake This Shack
Charlie Thompson TRAIL 403 "The Rockin´ Side Of Charlie Thompson, Vol. 1":
44.Eanie Meanie Baby
45.Indian Joe
46.Hang Loose
48.Slip, Slip, Slippin´ In
49.Bob Roberts & The Fleetliners - Don´t You Know TAIL TRCD 118 "VA Solid Tail Wailers"
The Houserockers TAIL TRCD 116 "Rockin´ Variety With The Houserockers":
50.Movie Star
51.Trouble In Mind
52.Twist on Guitar
Bobbin´ Steve & The Playtones TAIL TRCD 114 "I´m On Fire":
53.Honey Babe
54.Bop & Stroll
55.I´m On Fire
56.Cindy Lou
57.Dumb Dumb Bunny
58.Bobbin´ Steve & The Playtones - The Devil Or The Deep Blue Sea TAIL TRCD 124 "Mr. Big"
Kenneth Swanström CD "Gonna Rockin´ Tonight (iss. 2001):
59.Kenneth´s Boogie
60.Let The Good Times Roll
61.Rockin´ Daddy
62.Kenneth Swanström - Piano Nellie
63.Micke Muster - Chills & Fever (iss. 1997) FBCD 2
64.Micke Muster - Matchbox OLD ROCK-CD ORR 2007-2
65.Micke Muster - Kisses Of Fire (iss. 4/2002) OLD ROCK-CD 2002-1 "Something For Everybody"
66.Micke Muster - Hey Rosalie (Studio Party ) STARCLUB-CD
67.Micke Muster - Wild One STARCLUB-CD
68.Micke Muster - Got A Woman STARCLUB-CD
69.Micke Muster - What´d I Say

fill up: Cozy Powell - Dance With The Devil

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