Playliste zur 62. Vinylnight am 01.05.2011 !

Informationen zu den Vinylnight-Sendungen.
Einige Playlisten sind hier nachzulesen.
Die Reihe "Vinylnight" wurde ab Februar 2015 eingestellt.
Auf werden seit September 2017 alle Sendungen ab Vinylnight 1 wiederholt.
Sendezeiten: Nacht von Freitag auf Sonnabend 00:00 Uhr und am Montag ab 10:00 Uhr !

Playliste zur 62. Vinylnight am 01.05.2011 !

Beitragvon Rainer am So Mai 01, 2011 2:15 pm

Moin aus Riede,

hier ist die Playliste zur 62. Vinylnight vom 01. Mai 2011:

The Frogmen: Beware Below
Chuck Dockery: Baby Let's Dance
Johnny Ray Harris: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Joe Tate: Rock & Roll Mama
Jimmy Isle: Goin' Wild
Johnnie Strickland: That's Baby
Mack Vickery: Goin' Back To St. Louis
The Skee Bros: Romeo Joe
Andy Dio: Daisy Mae
The Isley Brothers: Rockin' McDonald
The Cookies: Hippy Dippy Daddy
Larry Trider: Don't Stop
Lee Curtin: Hot Dog
The Shades: School Bus
The Shades: Jeri Lee
The Shades: Baby Baby
Link Wray: Raw Hide
The Excels: Let's Dance
Tom Wayne: Ruth Ann
Bobby Lollar: Bad Bad Boy
Lee Dresser: Beat Out My Love
The Jokers: Little Mama
The Rumblers: I Don't Need You No More
The Jitters: Big Black Jacket
Ronnie Dove: Lover Boy
The Echo Valley Boys: Wash Machine Boogie
Derrell Felts & The Confederates: Playmates
Bennie Hess: Wild Hog Hop
Rusty & Doug Kershaw: Hey Mae
Werly Fairburn: Telephone Baby
Cody Reynolds Hi Tombs: Sweet Rockin' Mama
The Jiants: Tornado
Jim Bobo: Jungle Rock
Ray McCoy: Rockin' Baby
The Nobelmen: Dragon Walk

Von der LP " Boppin' Cadillac":

Larry Dowd: Pink Cadillac
Bill Sherell: Cadiilac Baby
Mel Douglas: Cadillac Boogie
Hal Willis: My Pink Cadillac
Sonny Wallace: Black Cadillac
Bob Luman: Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
Sammy Masters: Pink Cadillac
Baker Knight: Bring My Cadillac Back
The Aquatones: Wanted A Gold Solid Cadillac
Doug Bowies: Cadillac Cutie
Howie Stange: Real Gone Daddy
Rocky Davis: Hot Rod Baby
George Weston: Hey Little Car Hop
Jimmy Carrol: Big Green Car
Jackie Lee Cochran: By A Car
Jim Flaherty: This Old Bomb Of Mine
Jim McCrorey: Parkin' Lot
Jan Arnie: Gas Money
Wally Hughes: Convertible Car
Rick West: Cop Car

Von der LP " Boppin' Buick ":

Ritchie Deran: Girl And A Hot Rod
Ray King: A Date At Eight
" Peso " Dollar: Sixteen Miles
Tim Dinkens: Cattin' Tonight
Bill Watkins: Red Cadillac
Sonny Cole: Curfew Cops
Mike Fernandez: Brake Jake
The Del Vikings: Flat Tire
Sonny West: Rock-Ola-Ruby
Marcel St. Jean: The Big Black Jacket
The Satellites: Dark Town Strutter's Ball
Sonny West: Sweet Rockin' Baby
Johnny Knight: Rock & Roll Guitar
Morgan Twins: Sittin' In The Drive In
Perry La Ponte: B.O. Rock

Kleine Änderungen sind möglich !

Rock'n'Roll ist erste Bürgerpflicht !
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Re: Playliste zur 62. Vinylnight am 01.05.2011 !

Beitragvon czplatten am So Mai 01, 2011 4:41 pm

Danke Rainer! Das ist ein perfektes Service!
Freue mich auf heute Abend 22.00 Uhr.
Gerhard :lol:
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Re: Playliste zur 62. Vinylnight am 01.05.2011 !

Beitragvon Werner Thal am So Mai 01, 2011 11:01 pm

Ergänzung der Playliste vom 01./02. Mai 2011:

01.The Frogmen - Beware Below (Instr.) (iss. 1997) BIG RUMBLE-LP F 100 "The Big Rumble"
02.Chuck Dockery - Baby Let´s Dance (iss. 11/1958) NEW SONG 45 N. S. 117
03.Johnny Ray Harris - Lawdy Miss Clawdy (iss. 1997) BIG RUMBLE-LP F 101 "The Big Rumble, Vol. 2:16 Killer Dillers"
04.Joe Tate - Rock & Roll Mama (iss. 2006) BEAR FAMILY BCD 16 724 "That´ll Flat Git It, Vol. 24 (Roulette)"
05.Jimmy Isle Vocal Background By The Southlanders - Goin´ Wild (iss. 4/1958) ROULETTE R-4065
06.Johnnie Strickland - That´s Baby (iss. 2/1961) ROULETTE R-4335
07.Mack Vickery - Goin´ Back To St. Louis (iss. 2/1960) GONE 5085
08.The Skee Brothers - Romeo Joe (iss. 6/1959) ROULETTE R-4164
09.Andy Dio - Daisy Belle (iss. 8/1958) GONE 5038
10.The Isley Brothers - Rockin´McDonald (iss. --) MARK-X 8000
11.The Cookies - Hippy Dippy Daddy (iss. 1994) SEQUEL-CD NEM 670 (U.K.) "Roulette Rock And Roll Collection, Vol. 2"
12.Larry Trider - Don´t Stop (iss. 4/1961) ROULETTE R-4362
13.Lee Curtin - Hot Dog (iss. 6/1961) GIZMO 003
BEAR FAMILY BCD 16 724 "That´ll Flat Git It, Vol. 24 (Roulette)" (iss. 2006):
14.The Shades - School Bus
15.The Shades - Jeri Lee
16.The Shades - Baby Baby
17.Link Wray And The Wraymen - Raw-Hide (Instr.) (iss. 1/1959) EPIC 5-9300
18.The Excels - Let´s Dance (iss. poss. 1963) GIBSON GP-210
19.Tom Wayne - Ruth Ann (iss. --) RANGER NASH-778
20.Bobby Lollar - Bad Bad Boy (iss. 1958) BENTON B-101
21.Lee Dresser And The Krazy Kats - Beat Out My Love (iss. 1960) DAMON D-12 350
22.The Jokers - Little Mama (iss. 2/1961) GRACE 510
23.The Rumblers - I Don´t Need You No More (iss. 1962) DOWNEY 103; (iss. 1/1963) DOT 45-16 421
24.The Jitters - Big Black Jack (iss. --) MUSTANG-CD MUST 11 "Hurry Baby"
25.Ronnie Dove and the Bell-Tones - Lover Boy (iss. --) DOVE RIN C 1021
26.The Echo Valley Boys - Wash Machine Boogie (iss. 9/1957) ISLAND IR: 2
27.Derrell Felts & The Confederates - Playmates (iss. 10/1958) DIXIE 45-2008
28.Bennie Hess - Wild Hog Hop (iss. 9/1958) MAJOR MJ-1001
29.Rusty & Doug Kershaw - Hey Mae (iss. 4/1958) HICKORY 45-1077
30.Werly Fairburn - Telephone Baby (iss. 9/1957) SAVOY 45-1521
31.(Cody Reynolds) Hi-Tombs - Sweet Rockin´ Mama (iss. 3/1960) CANNON 45-832
32.The Jiants - Tornado (Instr.) (iss. 11/1959) CLAUDRA CL-112
33.Hank Mizell / Jim Bobo - Jungle Rock (iss. 1958) EKO 506; (iss. 8/1959) KING 45-5236
34.Ray McCoy - Rockin´ Baby (iss. 3/1958) FABLE F-615-A-45
35.The Noblemen - Dragon Walk (Instr.) (iss. 1995) GREASY-LP GR 003 (U.K.) "Greasy Rock ´N´ Roll, Vol. 3"
CADILLAC-LP 1958 (iss. 1981) "Boppin´ Cadillac" (D):
36.Larry Dowd And The Rock-A-Tones - Pink Cadillac +(iss. 8/1959) SPINNING HM 6009
37.Bill Sherell - Cadillac Baby +(iss. 1/1958) TYME TR-102
38.Mel Douglas and The Nu-Notes - Cadillac Boogie +(iss. 1961) SAN 1506
39.Hal Willis - My Pink Cadillac +(iss. 11/1956) ATLANTIC 45-114
40.Sonny Wallace - Black Cadillac +(iss. 12/1960) YUCCA 45-127
41.Bob Luman - Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache +(iss. 7/1957) IMPERIAL X8311
42.Sammy Masters & His Rocking Rhythm - Pink Cadillac +(iss. 5/1956) 4 STAR 1695-45
43.Baker Knight And The Knightmares - Bring My Cadillac Back +(iss. 11/1956) DECCA 9-30 135
44.The Aquatones - Wanted A Gold Solid Cadillac
45.Doug Bowies-Voices By The Rhubarbs - Cadillac Cutie +(iss. 7/1959) TUNE 206
46.Jim Flaherty´s Caravan-Vocal by Howie Stange - Real Gone Daddy +(iss. --) JENN 101
47.Rocky Davies And The Sky Rockets - Hot Rod Baby +(iss. 4/1959) BLUE SKY 45-102
48.George Weston - Hey Little Car Hop +(iss. 12/1958) JACKPOT 48 013
49.Jimmy Carroll - Big Green Car +(iss. 12/1958) FASCINATION 2000
50.Jackie Lee Cochran - B-u-y A Car +(iss. 2/1958) ABC PARAMOUNT 45-9930
51.Jim Flaherty´s Caravan-Vocal By Howie Stange - This Old Bomb Of Mine +(iss. --) JENN 101
52.Jim McCrorey with Bob Bain´s Music - Parkin´ Lot +(iss. 3/1958) KEY 5803
53.Jan & Arnie (later as Jan & Dean) - Gas Money +(iss. 8/1958) ARWIN 111
54.Wally Hughes - Convertible Car +(iss. 10/1957) EMBER E-1024
55.Rick West - Cop Car
BOPPIN´ BUICK-LP 1959 (iss. 1985) "Boppin´ Buick" (D):
56.Richie Deran And The New Tones - Girl And A Hot Rod +(iss. 1960) PONTIAC ZTSC 63 228
57.Ray King And The Kingsmen - A Date At Eight +(iss. --) KARL CE-45-22
58."Peso" Dollar & The Counterfeit Bills - Sixteen Miles +(iss. --) WBC 1-1907
59.Tim Dinkins - Cattin´ Tonight +(iss. 11/1957) FABLE F-595-45
60.Bill Watkins - Red Cadillac (vers. 1)
61.Sonny Cole and the Rhythm Roamers - Curfew Cops +(iss. 5/1957) EXCEL 123
62.Mike Fern(andez) - Brake Jake
63.The Del Vikings - Flat Tire +(iss. 12/1958) MERCURY 71 390X45
64.Sonee (!) West - Rock-Ola Ruby +(iss. 9/1956) NOR-VA-JAK 45WA1956
65.Marcel St. Jean - The Big Black Jacket +(iss. --) TEEN-AGE 101
66.The Satellites - Dark Town Strutter´s Ball +(iss. 5/1960) DMG 4001
67.Sonee (!) West - Sweet Rockin´ Baby +(iss. 9/1956) NOR-VA-JAK 45WA1956
68.Johnny Knight - Rock & Roll Guitar +(iss. 9/1958) MOROCCO M-1005
69.Morgan Twins - Sittin´ In The Drive-In +(iss. 6/1959) PEAK 1008
70.Perry La Pointe and the Orange Playboys - B. O. Rock +(iss. 8/1960) CRAZY CAJUN 501

fill up: Cozy Powell - Dance With The Devil

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