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Playliste zur 265. Sendung vom 11.07.2018

BeitragVerfasst: Mi Jul 11, 2018 9:03 am
von Werner Thal
Hier ist die Playliste zur 265. Sendung
HardRockCafe vom 11. Juli 2018:

The Rockets - Guitar Man (dt.)
The Vanguards - Gloria
The Gloomy Moon Singers - Hang On Sloopy
The Gloomy Moon Singers - Keep On Dancing
The 5 Torquays - Boys Are Boys
Jimmy Ward With Oety & His Real Rockers - Teen Beat Slop
Jimmy Ward With Oety & His Real Rockers - Susie (dt.)
The Ragged Men - Take This Hammer
The Kentucky´s - Uncle Willy
The Kentucky´s - 5 Dollars And Saturday Night
The Sharks - Times Are Getting Hard
The Rebels - Monkey, Monkey
The Blue Rhythms - Kinky Pinky
The Blue Rhythms - 1-2-3, Shake-Shake
The Hit Nuts - Dead End Street
The Hit Nuts - Dear Mrs. Applebee
The Hit Nuts - Green, Green Grass Of Home
Gitta & The Shouters - Wann (dt.)
The Silver Strings - So Glad You're Mine
The Silver Strings - Frankie & Johnny
The Silver Strings - Black Suede Shoes (Blue Suede Shoes)
Peter Reese & The Pages - Bye, Bye Johnny
Peter Reese & The Pages - Louie, Louie
The Echoes - Hold Me
The Maniacs - Sweet Soul Music
The Maniacs - Bare Footin´
The Maniacs - I've Been Lonely Too Long
The Regents - Memories
The Regents - Nothing Will Be Changed
The Roosters - With A Little Help From My Friend
Steve Canning & The Matadors - Its All Over Now, Baby Blue
The Vampires - Twist & Shout
The Vampires - Hang On Sloopy
The Vampires - She La La La Lee
The Electric Frogs - Mona
Funky Family - Little Girl
Funky Family - Rita
Why Five - Proud Mary
Why Five - Mendocino
Mike Roger And His Machine Guns - Dolly (dt.)
Mike Roger And His Machine Guns - So Long, Goodbye


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Verfasst: Mi Jul 11, 2018 9:03 am

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