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RockandRollRadio ! Treffpunkt für Hörer und Freunde ! • Thema anzeigen - Playlist 365 -375

Playlist 365 -375

Informationen zur vierzehntäglichen Sendung am Sonntagabend.

Playlist 365 -375

Beitragvon eldudarino am Sa Sep 02, 2017 8:38 am

No. 375 Samstag 23. September 2017 Glam & Glitter 6 (Hello 3)

King Kreole / Marc & String Quartet - Rallye / The slider
Cliff Richard - Love stealer
Hello - Shine on silver light
Hello - Gotta lotta soul
Hello - Good old USA
Hello - Midnight strangers
Hello - Heart get ready for love
Hello - Voodoo eyes
K & K Super Cirkus - Heart get ready for love
Herman’s Hermits - Heart get ready for love
Dead End Kids - Heart get ready for love
Hello - Slow Motion
Hello - Night Watcher
Hello - Hi ho silver lining
Beck, Jeff - Hi ho silver lining
Attack - Hi ho silver lining
Blackberries - Vier uhr funfunddreissig
Hello - Too much hesitating
Hello - Elenore
Turtles - Elenore
Hello - The cat is wild
Hello - That's the time
Hello - Walking midnight
Marshall, Keith - Remember me
Marshall, Keith - Crimson and clover
Marshall, Keith - Only cryin
Marshall, Keith - Deine tränen
Marshall, Keith - She rocks my cares away (Outtake)
Local Boy Makes Good - Horoscope
Allan, Jeff - Good times
Faulkner, Vic - Endless highway
Hello - 20th century boy
Bradbury, Bob - Mad affair

No. 374 Samstag 09. September 2017 Glam & Glitter 5 (Hello 2)

King Kreole / Marc & String Quartet - Rallye / The slider
Uriah Heep - Love Stealer
Hello - Around And Around (Outtake)
Osmonds - Feelin' allright (Live)
Osmonds - Crazy horses (Live)
Hello - Bend me shape me
Amen Corner - Bend me shape me (Live)
Twogether - Side By Side (Together)
Skyband - Bang! Ooh! You Got Me!
Hello - New York Groove (Demo-Version)
Hamilton Bohannon - Disco Stomp
Buck & Sylvie - Komm mit auf den Hinterhof (New York Groove)
Hello - Little Miss Mystery
Ultravox - Vienna
Springsteen, Bruce - Chain lightning
Hello - Star Studded Sham
Hello - She Knows
Friends - She Knows
Hello - Then She Kissed Me
Crystals - Then He Kissed Me
Hello - Hold Me
Proby, P.J. - Hold Me
Hello - Let's Spend The Night Together
Rolling Stones - Let's Spend The Night Together
Hello - Teenage Revolution
Hello - Keeps Us Off The Streets
Hello - Love Stealer
Hello - Out Of Our Heads
Hello - Seven Rainy Days [Single Version]
Hello - Rebel
Hello - One By One (Outtake)
Hello - Whole Lotta Woman (Outtake)
Paul Rich - Whole Lotta Woman
Hello - You Got Class Babe (Outtake)
Bruce Woolley And The Camera Club - You Got Class Babe
Hello - Let it rock

No. 373 Samstag 26. August 2017 Glam & Glitter 4 (Hello 1)

King Kreole / Marc & String Quartet - Rallye / The slider
Sweet - New york groove
Hall, Caroline - Hold my hand
Zombies - Road runner
Zombies - Time of the season
Argent - Hold your head up
Argent - Liar
Faith, Adam and the Roulettes - We are in love
Faith, Adam and the Roulettes - I love being in love with you
Roulettes - Shake
Roulettes - This little girl
Unit 4+2 - Concrete and clay
Unit 4+2 - Cotton Fields
Ryan, Barry - Can't let you go
Hello - Can't let you go (Outtake Demo)
Hello - You move me
Hello - C'mon
Hello - The wench
Glitter, Gary - I'm the leader of the gang (Live)
Glitter, Gary - Baby please don't go (Live)
Mud - Dyna-mite
Hello - Dyna-mite (Outtake)
Hello - Another school day
Hello - Hooray hooray (Outtake)
Hello - Let’s twist again (Outtake)
Chubby Checker - Der twist beginnt
Hello - Where’s the party (Outtake)
Hello - Shout it out (Outtake)
Glitter Band - Shout it out
Hello - Tell him
Glitter Band - Tell him
Gil Hamilton - Tell her
Exiders - Tell him
Glitter Band - Game’s up
Hello - Game’s up

No. 372 Samstag 12. August 2017 Alone & Together 2

King Kreole / Johann Baptist Strauss - Rallye / Annen-Polka
Platters - He's mine
Taylor, Zola - Make love to me
Day, Doris - Dream a little dream of me
Brown, Les & his Orchestra feat. Doris Day vocal - Sentimental journey
McPhatter, Clyde and the Drifters - Thirty days
McPhatter, Clyde - Happy good times
Gaye, Marvin - Can i get a witness
Harvey and the Moonglows - Mama loocie
Everly Brothers - The sheik of araby (Outtake)
Everly, Don - Don't drink the water
Everly, Phil - The air that i breathe
Hollies - The air that i breathe
Clarke, Allan - Drift away
Beach Boys - Satisfaction (Outtake)
Wilson, Brian - Goodnight irene
Springfields - Maggie
Lana Sisters - You got what it takes
Springfield, Dusty - Will you love me tomorrow
Cream - I'm so glad
Clapton, Eric - Promises
Flat & Scuggs - Nashville cats
Scruggs, Earl with Billy Bob Thornton - Ring of fire
Rattles - Shame, shame, shame
Reichel, Achim - Sophie, mein henkersmädel
T.Rex - The groover (Outtake Version)
Bolan, Mark and T.Rex - Teenage dream
Mountain - Never in my life
West, Leslie - This wheel´s on fire
Velvet Underground - Sweet jane
Nico, Lou Reed & John Cale - All tomorrow's parties (Live 72)
Dire Straits - Brothers in arms
Clapton, Eric (feat. Mark Knopfler and Don White) - Train to nowhere

No. 371 Samstag 29. Juli 2017 The Shangri-las (Replay 207)

Super Stocks / Ludwig van Beethoven - Ventura / Mondscheinsonate (Op. 27)
Midler, Bette - Leader of the pack
Shangri-Las - Wishing well
Shangri-Las - Remember (Walking in the sand)
Shirley - Vergessen 
Rollicks - Remember (Walking in the sand)
Boots - Remember (Walking in the sand)
Mouth & MacNeal - Remember (Walking in the sand)
Aerosmith - Remember (Walking in the sand)
Shangri-Las - Leader of the pack (Live 64)
Shangri-Las - Leader of the pack
Crazy Girls - Der feuerstuhl
Wegner, Bettina - Lied für monika oder brigitte
Alamo, Frank - Le chef de la bande
Downliners Sect - Leader of the sect
Detergents - Leader of the laundromat
Shangri-Las - Simon says
Ullman, Tracey - Give him a great big kiss
Shangri-Las - Give him a great big kiss
Shangri-Las - Maybe
Shangri-Las - So much in love
Blondie - Out in the streets
Shangri-Las - Out in the streets
Shangri-Las - Give us your blessings
Shangri-Las - Right now and not later
Shangri-Las - I can never go home anymore
Shangri-Las - Bull dog
Shangri-Las - I'm blue
Shangri-Las - Long live our love
Shangri-Las - Sophisticated boom boom
Shangri-Las - He cried
Fältskog, Agnetha - Past present & future
Shangri-Las - Past present & future
Shangri-Las - Sweet sounds of summer
Shangri-Las - Take the time
Weiss, Mary - Don't come back

No. 370 Samstag 15. Juli 2017

Edmunds, Dave - The promised land
Berry, Chuck - Wonderful woman
Colyers, Ken Skiffle Group - Down bound train
Brooks, Dusty & his Tones - Heaven or fire
Alexander, Joe and the Cubans - Oh maria
Berry, Chuck - Eyes of man
Tuttle, Wesley - Tennessee mambo
Raney, Wayne - Beatin' 'round the bush
Raney, Wayne - Pardon my whiskers
Delmore Brothers - Freight train boogie
Louvin Brothers - Sand mountain blues
Cactus Blossoms - Mississippi
Cactus Blossoms - No more crying the blues
Thompson, Hayden - Trouble on the line
Thompson, Hayden - Don't go
Hensch, Friedel und die Cyprys - Mucki, mein schnucki (Mucki-boogie)
Presley, Elvis - Come what may
Casey, Al - Come what may
Curtis, King & The Kingpins - For what it's worth
Covay, Don - Everything gonna be everything
Revere, Paul and the Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay - Boogaloo down broadway
Lindsay, Mark - Are you old enough
Riots - Yea yea
Das Dritte Ohr - Zucker-mamma
Jagger, Mick - Everybody getting high
Beatles - Two of us (Early Version)
Taylor, R. Dean - Two of us
Penny Arcade - Two of us
Medicine Head - Fire under mountain
Gibb, Barry - Buried treasure
Gibb, Barry - Evening star
MC 5 - Future-now

No. 369 Samstag 01. Juli 2017 Alone & Together

King Kreole / Mozart - Rallye / The Marriage Of Figaro
Sam, Cooke - Only 16
Soul Stirrers - Lord remember me
Dorsey, Tommy & Orchestra with Frank Sinatra - Marie (RCA Live Radio1940)
Sinatra, Frank - I get a kick out of you
Dion and the Belmonts - I wonder why
Belmonts - Walk on boy
Shadows - The average life of a daily man
Harris, Jet - The man with the golden arm
Poole, Brian and the Tremeloes - Twist little sister
Poole, Brian and the Seychelles - What do women most desire
Tremeloes - Hello world
Supremes - You can't do that
Ross, Diana and the Supremes - Everyday people
Supremes - Stoned loved
Ross, Diana - Something (Outtake)
Kinks - Mr. pleasant (Outtake version)
Davis, Dave - Death of a clown (Mono mix with single tracked vocal)
Who - Doctor, doctor
Daltrey, Roger - Thinking
Deep Purple - Lazy
Ian Gillan Band - Child in time
Nazareth - Morning dew (LP version)
McCafferty, Dan - Out of time
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. blue sky
Lynne, Jeff - Doin' that crazy thing
Lynne, Jeff - Words of love
Supertramp - The logical song
Hodgson, Roger - Right place

No. 368 Samstag 17. Juni 2017 Wenn de biedels nich wärn

King Kreole / London Symphony Orchestra - Rallye / Eleanor rigby
Ätännschen - Wenn de biedels nich wärn
Sheridan, Tony & The Beatles - Sweet georgia brown (Stereo)
Hi-Riders - Stamp out the beatles
Weavils - We're the weavils
American Beetles - It's my last night in town
Canadian Beadles - Love walk away
Rajahs - Kiss me now
Rattles - I should have known better
Beatles Revival Band - Bringing me down
Mama Betty's Band - Wie john, paul, george und ringo
Van Hoog, Grit - Gestern noch (Yesterday)
Hungaria - A day in the life / Because
Zuki Rock & Roll Band - Nie mam fartu (I' m a loser)
Youngsters - Vem (Help)
Alberto, José (El Canario) - And i love her (Mi gran amor le di)
Meteors - Dici che mi ami (Things we said today)
Nitzsche, Jack - Beatlemania
Santo & Johnny - The beatle blues
Fondettes - The beatles are in town
Buggs - Buggs vs. beatles (I want to hold your hand)
Beatles - Back in the u.s.s.r
Cuatro Apriori - La verdad (No reply)
Golden Boys - Te Adoro (I need you)
Chipmunks - Do you want to know a secret
Rolling Stones - Come together (Live October 2016)
McCartney, Paul - It's now or never
Virginia Squires - Ticket to ride
Cuban Musicians - Nowhere man
Green, Al - I want to hold your hand
McGuinness, Eugen - Yer blues
Lynne, Jeff - With a little help from my friends / Nowhere man
Anonymously Yours - Get back
Outlet - Oh darling
Stereophonics - Don't let me down (Live 2000)
Lennon, Julian - I don't wanna know
Rutles - Cheese and onions
Laurent, Erick Saint - C'est devenu un homme (She's leaving home)

No. 367 Samstag 03. Juni 2017

King Kreole / Strauss - Ralley / Annen-Polka
Crickets - Summertime blues
Crickets - Peggy sue got married
Crickets - Don't cha know
Crickets - T-shirt
McCartney, Paul - Honey hush
Redway, Mike - Just like eddie
Presley, Elvis - Earth angel
Penguins - Hey senorita
Delmore Brothers - Tennessee choo choo
Lattie Moore - I gotta go home (And catch up on my sleep)
Hooker, John Lee - Love blues
Harpo, Slim - One more day
Moonlighters - Broken heart
Phantoms - Phantom guitar
Fats & his Cats - Mr. domino (Dance with mr. domino)
Kraus, Peter - Ein junges herz (The young ones)
Chosen Few - I've had it
Richards, Lennie & the Nomads - Teen twist
Cooke, Sam - Twistin' In the old town tonight
Bennett, Cliff & his Band - Lonely weekends (stereo)
Foxx , Inez - The ball game
Omega Együttes - Paint it black
Rolling Stones - We were falling in love
Adam & Eve - They can look at us (And laugh)
Monkees - Last train to clarksville
Moody Blues - Night in white satin (BBC 1968 01 01)
Diestelmann, Stefan Folk Blues Band - Reichsbahnblues
Texas Tornados - Guacomole
Black, Gus - Don't go tellin' the whole world
Hawkwind - Hurry on sundown
Wizzard - Meet me at the jailhouse
Soundgarden - Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey ( John Peel session)
Soundgarden - Superunknown

No. 366 Samstag 20. Mail 2017

King Kreole / Händel - Ralley /Zadok the Priest (Coronation Anthem)
Horton, Shakey (Walter) - Have a good time
Horton, Shakey (Walter) - Need my baby
Rogers, Paul - Muddy water blues (Accoustic Version)
Johnson, Bunk with the Yerba Buena Jazz Band Vocal Sister Lottie Peavey - Nobody's fault but mine
Gonzales, Bobby - Got my mo-jo working
Atkins, Chet - Cherry pink and apple blossom
Winckler, Gunnar - Bernhardine
Presley, Elvis - I'm coming home (Takes 1, 2)
Knox, Buddy - Party doll
Bowen, Jimmy - I'm stickin' with you
Otis, Johnny - Qeueen of the twist
Nolan, Dick - Six days on the road
Union Avenue - Sympathy for the devil
Nelson, Sandy - Teen beat (Single Version)
Angel, Eddie - The black widow
Angel, Eddie - Soldier of love
Bennett, Cliff and the Rebel Rousers - She said ''yeh" (She said yeah)
Sha-Na-Na - A lover's question
McPhatter, Clyde - This is not goodbye
Simone, Nina - Come on back, jack
Mayfield, Percy - Hit the road jack
Starr, Ringo - Sentimental journey
Dylan, Bob - Sentimental journey
Sommers, Joanie - Johnny get angry (stereo)
Miss Tess & the Talkbacks - Sorry you're sick
Faithfull, Marianne - Scarborough fair
Newman, Jimmy C. and Cajun Country - Sugar bee
Frost, Frank with the Night Hawks - Everything's alright
Confusions - Voice from the inner soul confusions
Lilac Street Band - Lilac
Stephens, Leigh - Another dose of life
Wyman's, Bill Rhythm Kings - Green river
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have you ever seen the rain
Cloves and The Tobacco feat. Cathy Shannon - Curse of love
Lavi, Daliah - Willst du mit mir gehen

No. 365 Samstag 06. Mail 2017

King Kreole / Bach - Ralley / Goldberg Variations
Colyers, Ken Skiffle Group - Streamline train
Nelson, Red & Cripple Clarence Lofton - Streamline train
Red, Dirty - Mother fuyer
Domino, Fats - The fats man's hop
Bill, Dollar - Shake your hips
Lightnin' Slim - I'm a rollin' stone
Ballinger, Rev. Robert - This train
Tornados - My babe
Presley, Elvis - I'll never let you go
Holly, Buddy - Early in the morning
Ding Dongs (Bobby Darin) - Early in the morning
Richard, Cliff and the The Shadows - Choppin 'n' changin'
Jensen, Kris - Staying up late
Jensen, Kris - Torture
Jensen, Kris - Let's sit down
Jensen, Kris - Donna, donna
Berry, Chuck - Broken arrow
Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys - Don't go out tonight
Ray Collins' Hot Club ‎ - All alone
Ray Collins' Hot Club ‎ - Daddy's coming back home
Marano, Rick & The Cousins - What'd i say
Fairmount Singers - The man who shot liberty valance
Pitney, Gene - (The man who shot) Liberty valance
Campbell, Jo Ann - Let me do my twist
Ellis, Shirley - Soul time
Shake Spears - Summertime
Bluegrass Alliance - Fox on the run
Manfred Mann - Ragamuffin man
Rolling Stones - Under my thumb
Beatles - Mean mr. mustard (Outtakeversion)
N.S.U. - Stoned
T. Rex - (Bang a gong) Get it on [Guitar Backing tracks]
Deep Purple - Roadhouse blues
Jesus and Mary Chain - Get on home
Karina - Ein kleiner traum
Karina - Hier ist mein platz
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