Playlist 357 - 364

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Playlist 357 - 364

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No. 364 Samstag 22. April 2017 Damenrunde 4 Brit-Ladys Replay 128

Super Stocks - Ventura
Winehouse, Amy - Rehab
Lynn, Vera - We'll meet again (organ-version)
Lynn, Vera - Lilly marlene
Miller, Suzi - Dance with me henry
Miller, Suzi - Tweedle dee
Day, Jill - I hear you knocking
Roza, Lita with Ted Heath Orchestra - Crazy man crazy
Clark, Petula - Down town (Deutsch)
Clark, Petula - Alone
Clark, Petula - Baby lover
Clark, Petula - Ya ya twist (France)
Clark, Petula - Don't sleep in the subway
Cannon, Judy - Hello heartache
Collins, Glenda - It's hard to believe it
Springfields - Silver threads and golden needles
Springfields - Say I won't be there
Springfield, Dusty - Auf dich nur wart ich immerzu
Springfield, Dusty - Twenty-four hours from tulsa
Springfield, Dusty - Mockingbird
Springfield, Dusty - La Bamba
Springfield, Dusty - In Private
Driscoll, Julie Brain Auger and Trinity - This wheels of fire
Driscoll, Julie Brain Auger and Trinity - Season of the witch
Driscoll, Julie (Julie Tippetts) - Mind of a child
Quatro, Suzie - Make me smile
Pleasure Seekers (Suzi Quatro) - Never thought you'd leave me
Quatro, Suzie - Rolling stone
Quatro, Suzie - All shook up
Quatro, Suzie - The wild one
Quatro, Suzie - Rockin' in the free world

No. 363 Samstag 08. April 2017 Damenrunde 3 Sepia Replay 126

Super Stocks - Ventura
Cole, Ann - Got my mo-jo working (but it just won't work on you)
Carr, Wynona Sister - Til the well runs dry
Rainey, Ma - Daddy goodbye blues
Baker, LaVern - See see rider
Baker, LaVern - soul on fire
Baker, LaVern - Voodoo voodoo
Baker, LaVern - hey memphis
Baker, LaVern - Young woman's blues
Smith, Bessie - Young woman's blues
Pierce, Billie & De De - Married man blues
Brown, Ruth - Teardrops from my eyes
Mars, Mitzi - I'm Glad
Alexander, Dora Sister - Russia, let god's moon alone times done changed
Bobbettes - Mr. lee
Bobbettes - I shout mr. lee
Ikettes - I'm blue
Turner, Tina & Ike Revue - Please, please, please
Arnold, P.P. - God only knows
Sensations - Let me in
Marvelettes - Please mr. postman
Stephens, Barbara - Wait a minute
Barbara & The Browns - Big party
Lynn, Barbara - Sugar coated love
Lynn, Barbara - Oh baby
Big Maybelle - Black is black
Big Maybelle - Whole lotta shakin' going on
Big Maybelle - It's a man's man's world
Odetta - Don't think twice, it's all right
Simone, Nina - I put a spell on you
Millie - That's how strong, my love is
Millie - Melting pot
Franklin, Aretha - I never loved a man (The way i love you)
Franklin, Erma - Piece of my heart

No. 362 Samstag 26. März 2017 Damenrunde 2 Replay 72

Super Stocks - Ventura
Chapman, Tracy  - Bang bang bang
Adams, Faye  - I'll be true to you
Jackson, Wanda - Hard headed woman
Smith, Bessie   - I ain't gonna play second fiddle 
Baker, LaVern  - I ain't gonna play second fiddle 
Mira, Brigitte  - Die maenner sind alle verbrecher 
Thornton, Big Mama  - I smell a rat
Hightower, Donna  - I ain't in the mood
Brown, Ruth   - Wild wild young men
Brown, Ruth  - Hello little boy
Lee, Brenda  - Let's jump the broomstick
Allen, Anisteen   - Down by the river
James, Etta   - I'd rather go blind
Chickenshack  - I'd rather go blind
Lewis, Linda Gail  - Nothin' shakin'
Pittman, Barbara         - I need a man
May, Maggie - My boy lollipop
Millie - My boy lollipop
Millie - My boy lollipop
Gaye, Barbie - My boy lollipop
Percells - What are boys made of
Baez, Joan  - Donna donna
Simone, Nina   - Here comes the sun
Coughlan, Mary  - Mother's little helper
Grace Slick & The Great Society - White rabbit
Jefferson Airplaine - Somebody to love
Frumpy - How the gypsy was born
Rumpf, Inga - Walk beside me
Springfield, Dusty  - Take another little piece of my heart
Joplin, Janis - Down on me 
Franklin, Aretha - I never loved a man
Eurythmics - I need you

No. 361 Samstag 11. März 2017 Damenrunde 1 Replay 20

Super Stocks - Ventura
Big Maybelle - That's a pretty good love
Smith, Bessie - Nobody knows you when you're down and out
Wiley, Geechie & Elvie Thomas - Last kind words blues
Rökk, Marika - Ja, die frauen sind gefährlich
Leander, Zarah - Ich weiß, es wird einmal ein wunder geschehn
Garland, Judy - Over the rainbow
Day, Doris - Sentimental journey
Stafford, Jo - You belong to me
Brown, Ruth - Five-10-15
Adams, Faye - Shake a hand
Cline, Patsy - In care of the blues
Piaf, Edith - La vie en rose
Baker, Lavern - Jim Dandy
Jackson, Wanda - Mean mean mean
Miller Sisters - 10 cats down
Monroe, Marilyn - The river of no return
Washington, Dinah - What a difference a day made
Wells, Kitty - It wasn't god who made honky tonk angels
Lee, Peggy - Fever
Stevens, April - Teach me tiger
Lulu - I'm a tiger
Franklin, Aretha - Respect
Ross, Diana & The Supremes - You've really got a hold on me
Arnold, P.P. - First cut is the deepest
Reeves, Martha & The Vendellas - (Love is like a) Heat wave
Goldie & The Gingerbreads - Can't you hear my heartbeat
Kelly, Jo-Ann - I feel so good
Collins, Judy - In my life
Faithful, Marianne - Sister morphine
Jefferson Airplane feat. Grace Slick - White rabbit
Shocking Blue - Velvet heaven
Velvet Underground & Nico - I'll be your mirror
Cher - Bang bang (my baby shot me down)
Sinatra, Nancy - Bang bang (my baby shot me down)
Simone, Nina - Angel of the morning
Hopkin, Mary - Those were the days

No. 360 Samstag  26. Februar 2017

Super Stocks / Tchaikovsky - Ventura / Dance of the reed flutes (The nutcracker)
Ory, Kid & His Creole Jazz Band - When the saints go marching in
Hansen Quartett - Der trompeten joe (In der bar zum grünen haifisch)
Sheridan, Tony and the Beat Brothers - The saints
Thorogood, George and the Destroyers - Kind hearted woman
Johnson, Robert - Kindhearted woman blues
Slim, Bumble Bee - Cruel hearted woman blues (Part one)
Carr , Leroy - Mean mistreater mama
Howlin' Wolf - Wang dang doodle
Diddley, Bo - My babe
Tharpe, Sister Rosetta - This train
Jack Rabbit Slim - Next time
Moore, Scotty Trio - Have guitar - will travel
Carter, Brenda - The lonesome end of the line
Jones, George - Running bear
Knopfler, Mark - Rock 'n' roll ruby
Smith, Warren - Rock 'n' roll ruby
Speedo with the Pearls (Cadillacs) - Naggity nag
Astronauts - Surf softly & carry a big board
Rivers, Johnny - That some one should be me
Lucky 7 - Cajun man
Benton, Brook - Don't think twice it's all right (stereo)
Hendix, Jimi - All along the watchtower (Different mix)
Presley, Elvis - Padre
Association - Cherish
Baldry, Long John - Sunshine of your love
Martin, Dean - Detroit city
Ronstadt, Linda - After the gold rush
Young, Neil with Crazy Horse - Gallows pole
Lory, Al De - Evil ways
Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice (Stereo)
Status Quo - In my chair (Alternate mix)
Status Quo - Gerdundula (Alternate mix)
Rolling Stones - Neighbors (Early Version)

No. 359 Samstag  12. Februar 2017

Super Stocks / Tchaikovsky - Ventura / Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor Op. 23
Prima, Louis - Buona sera
Prima, Louis - Beep beep
Milburn, Amos  - Soft pillow
Lane, Mickey - Shaggy dog
Monte, Vinnie - One of the guys
Sedaka, Neil - Little devil
Sedaka, Neil - Esagerata ( italienisch )
Sedaka, Neil - Crazy daisy ( deutsch )
Reno & Smiley - The last mile
Miller, Roger - I ain't never
Funicello, Annette - The race is on
Roos, Mary - Schöner fremder mann
Francis, Connie - Some one else's boy
Brown, B. & his Rockin McVouts - Fannie mae is back
Lively Ones - Wild weekend
Champs - Swanee river blues
Janes, Roland - Guitarville
Shannon, Del - Hey! little girl
Danny & the Juniors - Pony express
Boles, Calvin - Gonna get rich in 66
Preston, Johnny - I feel good
Beatles - Falling in love again (Star-Club)
Lindenberg, Udo - Ich bin von kopf bis fuß auf liebe eingestellt
Newbeats - (I can't get no) Satisfaction
Rolling Stones - Tried to talk her into it
Nimoy, Leonard - I just can't help believing
Vee, Bobby - I just can't help believing
Presley, Elvis - If you talk in your sleep
Chavis, Boozoo - My toot toot
Dion - Sisters of mercy
Cohen, Leonard - Democracy
Holt, John - Help me make it through the night
Jesus & Mary Chain - Come on
Slade - Look what you dun
Puhdys - Zeiten und weiten

No. 358 Samstag  28. Januar 2017

Super Stocks - Ventura
Gordon, Robert - I'm coming home
Horton, Johnny - The wild one
Isaak, Chris - Ring of fire
Kilgore, Merle - The love bug
Kilgore, Merle - Lover's hell
Bird, Ronnie - Adieu a un ami
Holly, Buddy & The Crickets - Rock me my baby
Williams, Albert - Rhumba chillun
James, Elmore and his Broom Dusters - Rollin' and tumblin'
Regents - Barbara ann
Beach Boys - Barbara ann (Early Take)
Strandjungs - Barbara ann
Richardson, Rick - Poor little fool
Nelson, Ricky - Poor little fool (2nd Guitar Overdub; Without Chorus)
Campbell, Glen - Guitar child
Cochran, Eddie - Cherished memories (Mono)
Otis, Johnny - Hand Jive one more time
Moongooners - Willie & the hand jive
Youngbloods - Willie & the hand jive
New Riders of Purple Sage - Willie & the hand jive
Supremes - Chain gang (stereo)
Baba Yaga - Back in the U.S.S.R.
Rolling Stones - I can't quit you baby
Presley, Elvis - Stranger in my own home town
New Inspiration - For what it's worth
Stills, Stephen & Manassas - Isn't it about time
Pilot - Stop and think
Russel, Leon - It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry
Damned - Neat neat neat
Cohen, Leonard - You want it darker
Marley, Bob - Buffalo soldier (Bandversion)
Leandros, Vicky - Ich bin
Pink Floyd - Pigs on the wing (Part 1 & 2)
King Automatic - King outamatic from outer space

No. 357 Samstag  14. Januar 2017

Super Stocks / Strauss - Ventura / Radetzky-Marsch
Rolling Stones - Hate to see you go
Little Walter - Hate to see you go [Extended version]
Rolling Stones - Just like i treat you
Steampacket - Just like i treat you
Howlin' Wolf - Just like i treat you
Rolling Stones - Wish i'd Never Met You
Jagger, Mick and the Red Devils - You'd better watch yourself
Little Walter and his Jukes - You'd better watch yourself
Richard, Cliff - Dimples
Richard, Cliff - Move it
Richard, Cliff - Shame on you
Gene & Eunice - Poco-loco
Gene & Eunice - Ko ko mo (I love you so)
Como, Perry - Ko ko mo (I love you so)
Crew Cuts - Ko ko mo (I love you so)
Cardwell, Jack & Jackie Hill - Ko ko mo (I love you so)
Dooley Sisters - Ko ko mo (I love you so)
Damen - This is my story
Gene & Eunice - Bom bom lulu
Jackie & Doreen - The vow
Morvan, Ricky & The Fens - Fenlights
Morvan, Ricky & The Fens - Little woman
Hopkins, Linda - Mama's doin' the twist
Presley, Elvis - When it rains, it really pours
Lauper, Cyndi - Funnel of love
Led Blimpie - When the levee breaks
Spectres - Gloria (BBC Saturday Club am 10. September 1966)
Status Quo - Pictures of matchstick men
Status Quo - Gentleman joe's sidewalk cafe
Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Blur - Substitute
Who - Happy jack (BBS Saturday Club, 21. Januar 1967)
Pulp - Common people (Live Glastonbury Festival 95)
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