Playlist 339 - 352

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Playlist 339 - 352

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No. 352 Samstag  05. November 2016 - George Harrison Story Teil 9eun

Superstocks - Ventura
Dylan, Bob - Under the red sky
Traveling Wilburys - Inside out
Lennon, Julian - Saltwater
Traveling Wilburys - Wilbury Twist
Harrison, George - Piggies (Life japan 92)
Harrison, George - Roll over beethoven (Life japan 92)
Dylan, Bob - Absolutely sweet marie (Life new york 92)
Lee, Alvin - I want you (She's so heavy)
Beatles - Free as a Bird
Beatles - Ain't she sweet
Beatles - Blue moon of kentucky
Beatles - Thinking of linking
Beatles - Real Love (Early Take)
Perkins, Carl - Distance makes no difference in love
Shankar, Ravi - Vandanaa trayee
Starr, Ringo - King of broken hearts
Wyman, Bill & the Rhythm Kings - Love letters
Electric Light Orchestra - A long time gone
Capaldi, Jim - Anna julia
Holland's, Jools Big Band Rhythm & Blues - Horse to the water
Harrison, George - Devil and the deep blue sea
Harrison, George - Rocking chair In hawaii
Harrison, George - Brainwashed
Lynne, Jeff & Anoushka Shankar - The inner light
Brooker, Gary - Old brown shoe
Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers with Jeff & Danhi - Handle with care
McCartney, Paul - For you blue
No. 351 Samstag  22. Oktober 2016 - George Harrison Story Teil 8cht
Superstocks - Ventura
Harrison, George - Rockline radio: That's allright/Let it be me/Every grain of sand
Orbison, Roy - You got it
Orbison, Roy - Brown eyed handsome man
Orbison, Roy - Candy man
Traveling Wilburys - Heading for the light
Traveling Wilburys - Rattled
Harrison, George - Cheer down
Cash, Johnny & Tom Petty - I won' t back down
Petty, Tom - Cry to me
Petty, Tom - American girl
Petty, Tom - Come down in my house
Clapton, Eric - Run so far
Carlisle, Belinda - Leave a light on
Carlisle, Belinda - Deep deep ocean
Traveling Wilburys - Nobody's child (Demo)
Clapton, Eric - That kind of woman
Healey, Jeff Band - While my guitar gently weeps (Live 99 Montreux)
Lynne, Jeff - Every little thing (Extended version)
Lynne, Jeff - September song
Lynne, Jeff - Lift me up
Traveling Wilburys - She's my baby
Shannon, Del - Runaway (Demo)
Shannon, Del - Kaw liga
Shannon, Del - Out of time
Shannon, Del - Walk away
Shannon, Del - Hot love
Traveling Wilburys - If you belonged to me

No. 350 Samstag  08. Oktober 2016 - George Harrison Story Teil Sieben

Superstocks - Ventura
Harrison, George - Rockline radio: here comes ... /the bells of .../Mr. tambourine ..
Rutles - Get up and go
Harrison, George - Hottest gong in town
Harrison, George - Got my mind set on you (Extended version)
Ray, James - Got My Mind Set on You
Harrison, George - Lay his head
Idle Race - On with the show
Move - Open up said the world at the door
E.L.O. - Rock'n'roll is king
Harrison, George - When we was fab
Harrison, George - Zig zag
Harrison, George - Cloud nine
Harrison, George - This Is love
Traveling Wilburys - Handle with care (Extended version)
Traveling Wilburys - Margarita
Wright, Gary - Hold back
Capaldi, Jim - Oh lord why lord?
Traveling Wilburys - Dirty world
Dylan, Bob - Series of dreams
Dylan, Bob - Baby please don't go
Dylan, Bob - Green eggs and ham
Harrison, George - Something (Rockline radio)
Traveling Wilburys - Tweeter and the monkey man
Traveling Wilburys - End of the line (Extended version)

No. 349 Samstag  24. September 2016 - George Harrison Story Teil Sechs

Superstocks - Ventura
Harrison, George - All those years ago (Live Japan 91)
Harrison, George - Life itself
Carmichael, Hoagy - Hong Kong blues
Harrison, George - Hong Kong blues
Harrison, George - That which I have lost
Harrison, George - Teardrops
Harrison, George - Sat singing
Fleetwood, Mick - Walk a thin line
Starr, Ringo - Wreck my brain
Starr, Ringo - You belong to me
Reeves, Jim - You belong to me
Duprees - You belong to me
Harrison, George - Gone troppo
Stereos - I really love you
Harrison, George - I really love you
Harrison, George - Dream away
Harrison, George - Circles
Harrison, George - Mystical one
Brooker, Gary - The cycle
Brooker, Gary - Mineral man
Harrison, George - I don't want to do it
Harrison, George - Save the world (Greenpeace 85 version)
Lee, Alvin - Talk don't bother me
Perkins, Carl - Your true love (86 Live)
Perkins, Carl - Glad all over (86 Live)
Batt, Mike - Children of the sky
Shankar, Ravi - Tana mana
Eddy, Duane - The trembler
Harrison, George - Here comes the sun (Prince's Trust Gala 87)
Harrison, George - While my guitar gently weeps (Prince's Trust Gala 87)

No. 348 Samstag  10. September 2016 - George Harrison Story Teil Fünf

Superstocks - Ventura
Harrison, George - In my life (Live 74)
Harrison, George - Bye bye, love
Harrison, George - It is "He" (Jai sri krishna)
Wood, Ronnie - Far east man
Bromberg, David - The holdup
Nilsson - Daybreak
Splinter - The place i love
Harrison, George - You
Harrison, George - Tired of midnight blue
Harrison, George - This guitar (Can´t keep from crying)
Harrison, George - The pirate song
Starr, Ringo - I'll still love you
Splinter - Half way there
Harrison, George - This song
Harrison, George - Woman don't you cry for me
Harrison, George - Dear one
Harrison, George & Paul Simon - Here comes the sun (Saturday night life)
Harrison, George & Paul Simon - Homeward bound (Saturday night life)
Hall & Oates - The last time
Harrison, George - Mo (Outtake 77)
Harrison, George - Not guilty
Harrison, George - Blow away
Harrison, George - Faster
Monty Phyton - Bright side of life
Harrison, George - All those years ago

No. 347 Samstag  27. August 2016 - George Harrison Story Teil Vier

Harrison, George - It don't come easy (Demo)
Badfinger - Baby blue (US Single Mix)
Badfinger - Suitcase
Harrison, George - Bangla desch
Harrison, George - Deep blue (Demo)
Shankar, Ravi - Bangla dhun (Concert For Bangla Desh)
Harrison, George - Wah wah (Concert For Bangla Desh)
Harrison, George - My sweet lord (Concert For Bangla Desh)
Starr, Ringo - It don't come easy (Concert For Bangla Desh)
Dylan, Bob - A hard rain (Concert For Bangla Desh)
Dylan, Bob - Blowin' in the wind (Concert For Bangla Desh)
Harrison, George - Sue me, sue you blues (Demo)
Van Eaton, Lon & Derrek - Sweet music
Nilsson, Harry - You're breakin' my heart
Starr, Ringo - Back off boogaloo
Starr, Ringo - I'm the greatest
Lee, Alvin & Le Fevre, Mylore - So sad
Hopkins, Nicky - Banana anna
Harrison, George - Give me love
Harrison, George - Sue me, sue you blues
Harrison, George - Be here now
Harrison, George - Ding dong, Ding dong
Harrison, George - I don't care anymore
Harrison, George - Hari's on tour (Express) Live 74
Harrison, George - For you blue Live 74

No. 346 Samstag  13. August 2016 - George Harrison Story Teil Drei

Super Stocks - Ventura
Harrison, George - I want to tell you (live 91)
Beatles - For you blue(Outtake Version)
Beatles - I me mine (Outtake Version)
Harrison, George - Under the mersey wall (Part)
Harrison, George - No time or space (Part)
Beatles - Old brown shoes (Outtake Version)
Radha Krishna Temple - Hare krishna mantra
Beatles - Something (Outtake Version)
Presley, Elvis - Something (Live 70)
Dylan, Bob & George Harrison - Yesterday
Preston, Billy - That's the way god planned it
Lennon, John - Cold turkey (Early Take)
Russell, Leon - Pisces apple lady
Troy, Doris - Ain't that cute
Harrison, George - Get back (Demo for Doris Troy)
Troy, Doris - Get back
Taylor, James - Carolina in my mind
Preston, Billy - My sweet lord
Leandros, Vicky Singers - Wo ist er
Harrison, George - Isn't it a pity (Version 1)
Derek And The Dominos - Tell the truth
Lennon, John - How do you sleep (Version)
Spector, Ronnie - Try some, b uy some
Harrison, George - Down by the river (Outtake)
Harrison, George - You (Version 70)

No. 345 Samstag  30. Juli 2016 - George Harrison Story Teil Zwei

Super Stocks - Ventura
Harrison, George - Here comes the sun (Live 91)
Beatles - If i needed some one
Byrds - The bells of rhymney
Music Machine - Taxman
Lambretas - I want to tell you
Beatles - Love you to
Welcome Beatles - Welcome beatles
Beatles - Day tripper (66 Live Japan)
Beatles - Nowhere man (66 Live Japan)
Beatles - Within you without you
Beatles - Blue jay way
Sidebottom, Frank - Flying
Beatles - Not guilty (Esher Tapes)
Beatles - Not guilty (Take 101)
Beatles - While my guitar gently weeps (Esher Tapes)
Healey, Jeff - While my guitar gently weeps
Beatles - Piggies (Esher Tapes)
R.A.M. Pietsch - Piggies
Beatles - Circles (Esher Tapes)
Beatles - Long, Long, Long (Outtake version)
Bruce, Jack - Never tell your mother she's out of tune
Cream - Badge
Beatles - Sour milk sea
Lomax, Jackie - I just don't know
Oasis - Wonderwall
Harrison, George - On the bed
Beatles - It's all too much (Take 2 67)

No. 344 Samstag  18. Juli 2016 - George Harrison Story Teil Eins

Harrison, George - While my guitar gently weeps (Live 91)
Simone, Nina - Here comes the sun
Rodgers , Jimmie - Waiting for a train
Whitman, Slim - Birmingham jail
Domino, Fats - I'm a love again
Dell-Vikings - Come go with me
Steele, Tommy - Come on let's go
Richard, Cliff - Twenty flight rock
Perkins, Carl - That don't move me
Cochran, Eddie - What it i say (BBC)
Beatles - Raunchy
Beatles - In spite of all the danger
Presley, Elvis - Tryin' to get to you
Beatles - Matchbox (Home demo)
Beatles - Cry for a shadow
Beatles - The sheik of araby
Beatles - Do you want to know a secret (Take 2)
Beatles - Don't bother me (Demo)
Beatles - Don't bother me (Take 11, 12 and 13)
Les Lionceaux - Mais ne viens plus [Don't bother me ]
Beatles - Devil in her heart (BBC pop go the beatles)
Donays - Devil in his heart
Beatles - You know what to do
Beatles - I'm happy just to dance with you
Beatles - Everybody’s trying to Be my baby
Beatles - I need you
Shanka, Ravi - Reunion
Beatles - Norwegian wood (Take 1)

No. 343 Samstag 02 Juli 2016 -

Super Stocks / Vivaldi - Ventura / Autumm from the four seasons
Bootleggers feat.Mark Lanegan - White light-white heat
Velvet Underground - White light-white heat
Stanley, Ralph - White light-white heat
Stanley Brothers - I'm only human
McGhee, Brownie - Livin' with the blues
Hughes, Pee Wee And The Delta Duo - I'm a country boy
Campi, Ray & The Supro-Kings - Got love if you want it
Haig, Ronnie - Don't you hear me calling, baby
Johns, Bibi - Das mach ich mit musik
Candymen - New york city twist
Orbison, Roy & The Candy Men - Oh pretty woman
Orbison, Roy & The Candy Men - Yo te amo maria
Wildcats - Beatin' on a rug
Arnold, Lloyd - My bucket's got a hole in it
Gates, Tom & his Orchestra - The bucket's got a hole in it
Page, Jimmy & Robert Plant - My bucket's got a hole in it
Burgess, Sonny - Restless
Burgess, Sonny - Tiger rose
Little Richard - Money is
Dekkar, Desmond - Get up adeline
Presley, Elvis - Suspicious minds
James, Mark - Suspicious minds
Ian, Janis - At seventeen
Young, Neil - Harvest
Eire Apparent - Here i go again
Spooky Tooth - Nobody there at all
Grease Band - Mistake no doubt
Wings - Hi, hi, hi
Miller, Frankie Band - Hard on the levee
McCullough Blues Band - Belfast to boston
Rolling Stones - Moon is up

No. 342 Samstag 18 Juni 2016 -

Super Stocks /Verdi - Ventura / Rigoletto
Presley, Elvis - Promised land (Take 1)
Rich, Charlie - Big man
Rich, Charlie - Blowin' town
Donegan, Lonnie and his Skiffle Group - On a monday
Watson, Dale - I got stripes (Live)
Leadbelly - On a monday
Leadbelly - Yallow Women's Door Bell
Cash, Johnny and the Carter Family - ( There'll be ) Peace in the valley
Flying Clouds Of Detroit - Peace in the valley
Smothers, Smokey - Twist with me annie
Ballard, Hank - Work with me annie
Crew Cuts - Chop chop boom
Danderliers - Chop chop boom
Cadillacs - Buzz buzz buzz
Prima, Louis - Basin street blues / When it's sleepy time down south
Astronauts - Mary lou
Truly Lover Trio - Bullseye
Hawaiian Astro Boys - Amapola
Original Surfaris - Failsafe
Robin, Round - I'm the wolfman
Quick, Benny - Pretty woman
Brown, Buster - Doctor brown
Rolling Stones - Honest i do (95 Version)
Blues Busters - Theres always sunshine
Cooke, Sam - Baby, baby, baby
Gray, Owen - Millie girl
Beatles - And your bird can sing
Rivers, Johnny - 500 miles
Journeymen - 500 miles
Gabriel, Gunter - 500 meilen von zu haus
Black Sabbath - Black sabbath
Black Sabbath - Paranoid (Live 1970)
Frehley, Ace - New york groove
Rafferty, Gerry - Long way round
Dylan, Bob - That old black magic

No. 341 Samstag 04 Juni 2016 - P.F. Sloan Story Part Two

Super Stocks / Beethoven - Ventura / Für Elise
Colley, Keith - Welcome home baby
Wynter, Mark - Can i get to know you better
Turtles - Can i get to know you better
Sloan, P.F. - Can i get to know you better (Demo)
Turtles - Let me be
Sloan, P.F. - Let me be
Fabares, Shelley - I know that you'll be there
Sloan, P.F. - I know that you'll be there (Demo)
Turtles - You baby
Turtles - Get out of breath
Sloan, P.F. - Get out of breath
Rivers, Johnny - What am i doin' here with you
Sloan, P.F. - What am i doin' here with you
Sloan, P.F. - Danger man (Secret agent man) (Demo)
Ventures - Secret agent man
Termendoes - Secret agent man
Torme, Mel - Secret agent man
Shannon, Del - Where were you when i needed you
Herman's Hermits - Hold on
Herman's Hermits - A must to avoid
Herman's Hermits - Where were you when i needed you
Grass Roots - Mr. jones (A ballad of a thin man)
Grass Roots - You're a lonely girl
Grass Roots - Where were you when i needed you
Grass Roots - Look out girl
Grass Roots - The sins of the family fall on the daughter
Sloan, P.F. - Miss charlotte (Demo)
Sloan, P.F. - Halloween mary
Sloan, P.F. - Bus riley's back in town (Demo)
Sloan, Philip - Karma (A study of divinations)
Sloan, Philip - I can't help but wonder, elizabeth
Sloan, P.F. - New design
Sloan, P.F. - Let me be (72 Version)
Sloan, P.F. - Turn on the light
Sloan, P.F. - Spiritual eyes
Sloan, P.F. - PK and the evil doctor
Sloan, P.F. - My beethoven

No. 340 Samstag 21 Mai 2016 - P.F. Sloan Story Part One

Super Stocks / Mozart - Ventura / Rondo alla Turca (from "Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major", KV 331
Dylan, Bob - Ballad of hollis brown
McGuire, Barry - She belongs to me
P.J. Orien & The Magnates - Eve of destruction
Lady Kate - Eve of destruction
Werding, Juliane - Ein morscher baum trägt keine guten früchte
Phinx - Eve of destruction
Blackstones - Eve of destruction
Association - P.F. Sloan (Single Version)
Sloan, Flip - Little girl in the cabin
Sloan, Phil - If you believe in me
Sloan, Phil - She's my girl
Barri, Steve - Don't run away from love
Barri, Steve - Never before
Philip and Stephan - Meet me tonight little girl
Rally Packs - Move out little mustang
Rally Packs - Bucket seats
Street Cleaners - That's cool, that's trash
Street Cleaners - Garbage city
Fantastic Baggys - Anywhere the girls are
Sloan, P.F. - (Goes to show) Just how wrong you can be
Fantastic Baggys - (Goes to show) Just how wrong you can be
Sloan, P.F. - Debbie be true (Demo)
Fantastic Baggys - Debbie be true
Rip Chords - One piece topless bathing suit
Rip Chords - 409
Bruce & Terry - Raining in my heart
Bruce & Terry - Summer means fun
Jan & Dean - The little old lady from pasadena
Jan & Dean - Tell ´em i´m surfin´
Sloan, P.F. - She only wants to swim (Demo)
Sloan, P.F. - Swim party (Demo)
Lifeguards - Swimtime USA
Wildcats - The swim
Robin, Round - Kick that little foot sally ann
Stevens, Connie - A girl never knows
Ann-Margret - He's my man
Sloan, P.F. - You baby (Demo)
Mamas & The Papas - You baby
Mamas & The Papas - California dreamin'
Sloan, P.F. - Ain't no way i'm gonna change my mind
Staccatos (South Africa) - Ain't no way i'm gonna change my mind

No. 339 Samstag 08 Mai 2016 - Zusammenstellung Gerhard Fuchs

Super Stocks / Strauss - Ventura / Emperor Waltz Op. 437
Big Walter and his Thunderbirds - Six weeks of misery
Elgart, Les And His Orchestra - Bandstand boogie
Clear Waters - Hillbilly blues
Wolford, Jimmy - My name is jimmy
Presley, Elvis - One broken heart for sale (Take 2, 3, 4)
Pejoe, Morris and his Band - Tired of cryin' over you
Brown, Charles - Get yourself another fool
Watson, Johnny Guitar - Those lonely, lonely nights (78 Version)
Watson, Johnny Guitar and his Orchestra - Those lonely, lonely nights (55 Version)
Hope, Eddie and The Mannish Boys - A fool no more
Walton, Square - Bad hangover
Belew, Carl - 24 hour night
Belew, Carl - No love tonight
Shibley, Arkie - I'm a poor okie
Jones, George - Poor little rich boy
Mojo Blues Band - Alligator walk
Thomas, Irma - It's raining
James, Etta - Good lookin'
Lane, Claire - Frankie and johnny
Buzz & Al - The five senses
Gilmer, Jimmy - Good good lovin'
Ronny & Daytonas - G.T.O.
Richard, Cliff & the Shadows - A girl like you
Sedaka, Neil - Pretty little mary
Crickets - Lonely avenue
Cooke, Sam - Sugar Dumpling
Cooke, Sam - Another saturday night (Take 8)
Mc Phatter, Clyde - Twice as nice
Martha & Vandellas - Contract on love
Young Rascals - Groovin'
Spotnicks - I'll never get you
Mojo Blues Band - You're steppin' on my tears
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