Playlist 286 -289 Joe Meek

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Playlist 286 -289 Joe Meek

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No 286 Sonntag 30. März 2014 Joe Meek 1

Super Stocks - Ventura
Lynn, Vera - White cliffs of dover
Mcbeth, David - Mr. Blue
Hockridge, Edmund -  No other love
Clark, Petula - Baby Lover
Miller, Gary -   The yellow rose of texas
Broonzy, Big Bill - It Feels So Good
Miller, Gary -  Robin hood
Lyttleton, Humphrey -  Bad penny blues
Patterson, Ottilie & C. Barber's Jazz Band -   Jailhouse Blues
Vaughan, Frankie -  Garden of eden
Donegan, Lonnie & his Skiffle Group - Puttin’ on the style
Duncan, Johnny & his Blue Grass Boys - Last train to san fernando
Miller, Jimmy & his Barbecues  - Sizzling hot
White, Terry & the Terriers - Rock around the mailbag
Barber's, Chris Jazz Band & Monty Sunshine - Petite Fleur
Bilk, Acker - Travelling blues
Wilde, Marty - Sea of love
Preston, Mike - Mr blue
Ford, Emile & the Checkmates - What do you want to make those eyes at me for
Jay, Peter & the Blue Men - Just too late
Rodd, Ken & The Cavaliers -  Magic wheel
Meek, Joe - It’s a triumph!  (Radio luxembourg Jingle)
Blue Men - Entry of the globbots
Blue Men - Valley of the sarooæs
Blue Men - Magnetic field
Blue Men - Orbit around the moon
Joy & Dave  - Chahawki (Unveröffentlicht)
Joy & Dave -  Believe Me
Yolanda -   With this kiss
Wayne, Ricky & the Flee-Rakkers - Chick a'roo
Wayne, Ricky & the Flee-Rakkers - Don't pick on me
Flee-Rakkers - Green jeans
Flee-Rakkers - Buckeye (Unveröffentlicht)
Flee-Rakkers - El rancho rock (Unveröffentlicht)
West Five - Please don't touch (Unveröffentlicht)

No 287 Sonntag 13. April 2014 Joe Meek 2

Super Stocks - Ventura
Blue Men - Medley (Valley of the saroos magnetic field)
Chakiris, George - Heart of a teenage girl
Cox, Michael -  Angela jones
Cox, Michael -  Rave on
Cox, Michael -  Along came caroline
Valance, Ricky - Tell laura i love her
Leyton, John - Tell laura i love her
Flee-Rakkers - Sunday date
Chick with Ted Cameron Group & DJ' s - Early in the morning
Rivers, Danny - Can't you hear my heart
Gregory, Iain - Time will tell
Berry, Mike & the Outlaws - Will you love me tomorrow
Berry, Mike & the Outlaws - My baby doll
Leyton, John - Johnny remember me
Berry, Mike - Tribute to buddy holly
Moontrekkers - Night of the vampire
Moontrekkers - Return of the vampire
Screaming Lord Sutch and The Savages - Til the following night
Outlaws - Husky team
Leyton, John - Wild wind
Leyton, John - Son this is she
Leyton, John - John, c'est l' amour
Leyton, John - Six white horses
Cavell, Andy - Andy
Bennett, Cliff  & The Rebel Rousers - I'm in love with you
Charles, Don - Crazy man crazy
Tornados - Love & fury
Meek, Joe - Telstar (Erstes demo)
Adams, Dave - Telstar (Zweites demo)
Tornados - Telstar
Packabeats - Theme from ' the traitiors'
Christian, Neil - Road to love
Wells, Houston - Only the heartaches
Meek, Joe Magic star (Demo 1) 
Meek, Joe - Magic star (Demo 2) 
Hollywood, Kenny - Magic star
Cox, Michael -  Sweet little 16

No 288 Sonntag 27. April 2014 Joe Meek 3

Super Stocks - Ventura
Gregory, Iain - Mr. lovebug
Meek, Joe Globetrotter (Demo)
Tornados - Globetrotter
Wynter, Mark - Venus in blue jeans
Fury, Billy & the Tornados - Unchain my heart
Fury, Billy & the Tornados - I’m movin’ on
Tornados - Robot
Berry, Mike - Don't you think it's time
Leyton, John - Cupboard love
Leyton, John - I'll cut your tail off
Leyton, John - Beautiful dreamer
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers - Can can '62
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers - Totem pole
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers - Poet and peasant
Blue, Pamela - My friend bobby
Collins, Glenda - I lost my heart at the fairground
Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack The Ripper
Screaming Lord Sutch - Don't you just know it
Screaming Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends - Gutty guitar
Goddard, Geoff - Sky men (Demo)
Goddard, Geoff - Sky men
Champs - Telstar
Heinz - Just like eddie
Vincent, Gene - Temptation baby
Dowlands - All my loving
Puppets - Baby don't cry
Bailey, Burr & Six-Shooters - San francisco bay
Heinz - Country boy
Heinz - You were there
Kinks - See my friends
Tornados - Dragonfly
Saints - Wipeout
Ambassadors - Surfin' john brown
Outlaws - Swinging low
Original Checkmates - The Spy
Outlaws - Keep a ' knockin'
Honeycombs - Have i the right
Honeycombs - Hab ich das recht (**)
Heinz & Wild Boys - Questions i can't answer
Screaming Lord Sutch - The train kept a-rolling
Blue Rondos - Little Baby
John, David & Mood - Diggin' for gold
Syndicats - Crawdaddy simone

No 289 Sonntag 11. Mai 2014 Joe Meek 4

Super Stocks - Ventura
Dangerfield, Tony & Thrills - She's too way out
Lively Ones - Telstar
Heinz - Digging my potatos
Heinz & The Wild Boys - Don't think twice it's all right
Animals - I'm crying
Nashville Teens - Tobacco road
Honeycombs - Eyes
Honeycombs - Du sollst nicht traurig sein
La Prohibida - My johnny doesn't come around anymore
Dead Kennedys - I have the right
Herd - From the underworld
Strangers - My suzanne
Bystanders - She comforts my sorrow
Riot Squad - I take it that we're through
Buzz - You're holding me down
Cryin' Shames - Please stay
Cryin' Shames - What's new pussycat
Cryin' Shames Feels like loving
Jason Eddie and the Centremen - Singing the blues
Saxons - It ain’t right
Cook, Peter - Georgia on my mind
Honeycombs - That loving feeling
Impact - Rat-tat-ta-tat
Holly, Buddy - Slippin' and sliddin' (Outtakeversion)
Wayne, Ricky & the Offbeats - Make way baby
Holly, Buddy - Listen to me (Outtakeversion)
Pink Floyd - Astronomy domine
MC 5 - Baby please don't go
Deep Purple - Hey joe
Little Brenda - Joe meek
Birds Of Prey - City Lights
Riot Squad - Gotta be a first time

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